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Suppliers of all Horse Weighing Platforms

to the Olympics & Paralympics Games:

- London 2012

- Beijing 2008

Our platforms were used throughout the equestrian events


About Horse Weigh

Mobile horse weighing platforms - 13 models

UK based with Distributors Worldwide

Exporting to 37 countries


Please note that prices are not published on this website. These are available on request from William Bedell at

For UK orders we do have a £200.00 +VAT delivery charge.


Highlights and Latest News


Olympic Plus


This revolutionary technology detects and monitors potential lower leg injuries in Equine Athletes.

Olympic Plus

There will be a worldwide Veterinary launch of the Olympic Plus with its TENDON MANAGER technology at BEVA 2015 on 10th September from 9.30am

For more information, visit the Olympic Plus page


Latest technology for assessing the health of your horses' legs

Olympic Plus incorporates the revolutionary technology developed by Byerley Technologies, the Tendon Manager. This allows for much earlier detection of potential lower leg injuries using comparables.

For more inforamtion, visit the Latest News page.





New after sales technician

A new after sales technician has been appointed for the Newmarket (UK) area. See Repairs and After Sales Service.


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